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Solar power and electric mobility


Solar power is already a climate-neutral and economically useful option for commercial ap-plications of electric vehicles. The success story of photovoltaics in Germany shows not only that solar power has become in the course of energy turnaround into a major factor of the electricity supply. It also opens new paths to a CO2-free and cost-effective mobility based on renewable energy sources: Decentralized electricity generated from the sun can be directly loaded “at the source”, in offices, on the road or at home.

In times of climate change, it is even more important to develop systems that promise a climate-friendly energy and sustainable use.

Photovoltaic systems and electric vehicles together form a synergy between energy production and optimal use. One can use one’s own photovoltaic system to charge the electric vehicle to achieve its objectives environmentally friendly.

Photovoltaic systems “harvest” on an area of a normal family house of about 50 sqm itself in our latitudes so much power that electric cars can go up to 120,000 km per year. In order to drive an electric car averaging 6-12 kWh per 100 km are necessary. The energy costs are about € 1.40 per 100 km, corresponding to the consumption of a 1-liter car. Hereby one does not give up with fun and comfort. The sports cars from Tesla, Fisker or Rimac with Concept one, for example, convince even sporty drivers. With an electric vehicle renewable energy and mobility can be ideal united. We can equip your house roof with environmentally friendly energy today, so you can use sustainable electric mobility tomorrow.

How this works, the team of Sonnvolt will ex-plain to you extensiveley.