Umrüstung auf LED-Beleuchtung und Energie sparen

Save energy with LED-Systems from Sonnvolt


As you are surely aware, is a rethink in terms of lighting. The traditional light bulb has served its purpose, it can convert only about 5% of the energy into light. The rest is converted into heat. Energy saving light bulbs can be bought for many years and compared to incandescent lamps with similar light output using less energy. But they have also disadvantages. There is, for example, mercury processed what causes that these lamps must be disposed of as hazardous waste and may cause health hazards. Now a conversion to LED lighting is concerned. There are several reasons. LEDs require less power, because they emit their light focused and not like a neon tube radiate light all around, but only in the direction where the lighting is required. Furthermore, the lifetime of LED lamps is significantly longer.The exchange must take place less often, reducing acquisition and personnel costs. Connected to the lower energy consumption the investment can pay for itself in a conversion after 2 years.

Example calculation for Commercial:

You only pay 10.000 EUR per year pro rata cost of electricity for lighting.

With Sonnvolt LED technology:

One time investment

21.000 EUR

In future to the current provider

3.000 EUR

Durability of the LED about

 20 years

Minus your investment

21.000 EUR

Savings over the period of 20 years

119.000 EUR

Electricity costs up to 70% savings! + LED products: + LED Tubes + LED Panels + LED Indoor Spotlight + LED Spotlight + LED bulbs E27 socket + LED bulbs E14 socket

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