Perfektes Energiemanagment und dabei Energie und Heizkosten sparen

Discover the possebilities to save energy

Saving energy is a much debated topic that does not lose its relevance due to the constant increase in electricity and energy prices. Perfect energy management through the Loxone Miniserver is the answer:


Individual room control: use heating energy optimally

Define your perfect temperature and heat every room with only the actually required heating energy.

The intelligent individual room control with Loxone allows you to heat any room with only the actually required heating energy. Learn more about the heating control.

More about heating

Enable automatic shading and save on heating costs

Optimal shading helps in winter by the isolation and in the summer when cooling. Loxone accepts your intelligent energy management. Windows are in many homes the vulnerabilities of the thermal insulation.

Switch power hungry equipment by a keystroke

Save energy by pressing a button. Separate your standby devices and power hungry equipment by remote control from the network. TV, VCR, DVD player, HiFi system, PC … consume electricity even in standby mode. Disconnect all these devices simply by pressing a key of your current network.



At night, bright light is rather disturbing. Dimming your light automatically and save electricity at a time! Your Loxone solution supplies intelligent energy management by allowing you eg dimming the light at nightfall automatically


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