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Project Business

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Sonnvolt is the partner for projects, when it comes to professional planning and installation of photovoltaic systems on roofs and in open areas. We realize both turnkey and partial systems.

Project Business

The project development and realization of a large power plant require a high degree of technical know-how, competence bundling and professional project management. For large installations fees can be avoided For large systems substantial additional costs can be avoided by a professional, project-based planning and energy yields ca be optimized. Sonnvolt accompanies its clients from site selection on the engineering and construction of the facility through to technical management. Experience combined with expertise ensure that even under difficult conditions efficient and visually appealing solutions will be found.Sonnvolt offers tailored solutions and provides comprehensive and competently advice before a photovoltaic project will be realized. The choice of modules and system components, and the location can have a significant impact on the profitability of an investment. Therefore, we inform our customers on special features that arise from the choice of location, and show optimal solution possibilities.

In order to maximize the income of a solar system and thus ensure the efficiency, accurate and real analysis of site conditions is essential. Besides the location also object-related criteria must be taken into account in an optimized plant design. Among the most important criteria include the composition of the roof or the ground as well as the orientation of the modules to the south. Sonnvolt checks the shading of the modules and creates profitability calculations. Sonnvolt reviewes regional plans and options for the grid connection of the plant. As part of the planning Sonnvolt selects optimal components, so the modules, inverters and mounting systems are coordinated. As a project development company for solar power plants Sonnvolt overviews the project planning and project development.

Permission to set up the solar system must be available before construction begins. For this earnings forecasts and reports for income, building and structural analysis must be submitted. In addition, a feed-in tariff by the network operatorb is needed if the generated electricity is not intended for personal use in photovoltaic systems.


Is the surface not in possession of the plant operator the lease or purchase agreement must be submitted. Furthermore, it is required to submit a licensing agreement so that the energy supply company is authorized to provide wires and cables on the property. If the solar system is not entirely financed from equity, a loan agreement must be closed.

A general contractor agreement ensuring the turnkey construction of a building project between General contractor (GC) and the builder has to be submitted. General contractors like Sonnvolt again bind subcontractors by construction contracts in the project, but contribute to the overall project responsibility for the contractually agreed performance. Once the planning and development phase is complete and all necessary permits exist, Sonnvolt realizes the turnkey solar system with the support of project managers. Sonnvolt is responsible for installing and project implementation for both owner and on behalf of third parties, such as investors. But Sonnvolt also realizes sub-projects, such as the supply and installation of the mounting structure.

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