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Cleaning, Maintance and Security

Basically professionally installed PV systems are low maintenance but not maintenance-free. Manufacturers and insurance companies expect in the event of a claim the detection of a regular maintenance.

sonnvolt_reinigung_photovoltaik_anlagenGet optimal income over the term of a photovoltaic system through a technical review in one or two-year interval with the following services:

  • + Visual inspection of the plant
  • + Measurement of the inverter
  • +  Measurement of individual module strings
  • +  Measurement protocol with measured values
  • +  Remote maintenance with systemmonitoring

The goal of every photovoltaic plant operator is to generate as much electricity itself, to con-sume or sell. If the photovoltaic system is once installed, it can easily deliver power for 25 years or more. If the system does not, however, be optimally planned or built, it appears, from the operators often unnoticed, over and over again to yield losses. The payback period of the system can be increased dramatically if the error over an extended period exists. With a monitoring system malfunctions can be rapidly identified. The investment in a monitoring system pays for itself very quickly in most cases.

The tasks of the remote maintenance system with monitoring:

1) Review the basic functionality of the photovoltaic system. Most inverters measure the output power of the modules and can detect failures of the system quickly. An automatic alarm (beep or notifications by SMS or email) informs the operator and saves the daily check of the inverter. If the automatic alarm in the inverter is not included as standard, it can also be expanded later.

2) comparison of the current and theoretical performance. As a pure reading of income no meaningful result provides, is a continuous re-cording of values necessary to register partial failures or loss of revenue. Already a minimum of monitoring elements is sufficient to detect possible errors or yield failures. The data ob-tained can be evaluated on the computer or an internet platform. A comparison between actual and desired values can be done. High quality of individual system components, thoughtful system design and monitoring are therefore essential prerequisites for a years constant current production.

The advantages of remote maintenance:

Using a remote control, the possible causes of system failures are detected quickly and effi-ciently:

  • + Quality control and optimization of the photovoltaics system
  • + Automated notification of failures via alarm, SMS or E-Mail
  • + Early mitigation and avoidance of lost revenue
  • + Easier Troubleshooting
  • + Visualization of various information such as:
  1. annual, monthly or daily energy yield
  2. CO2 savings 
  3. irradiation and temperature
  4. Yield compensation in Euro  

Cleaning of photovoltaics systems

Photovoltaic systems are exposed 24 hours a day to the weather. Not only rain, wind, snow or sun act on the modules. Pollution caused by air pollution, dust, traffic, bird droppings, falling leaves or needles from growing near trees can clog the solar modules in the long run quite a bit.

At the transition between the frame and glass is a likely area for dirt, it may over time even colonize lichens or moss here. All these factors definitely lead to lower yields of the photovoltaic system. A cleaning from time to time helps to avoid hot spots and to secure the income of the photovoltaic system in the long term.

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